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Mission & Vision



The word “Gospel” literally means “good news.” In short, the Gospel of Jesus is this: God Himself has come to earth among us to rescue and renew creation in and through the work of Jesus Christ on our behalf.


To see the Kingdom of Christ advance from our neighborhoods to the nations for the glory of God.



Know the Gospel

  • Standing on the word
  • Rehearsing the gospel daily
  • Maturing in repentance and belief
  • Gathering to worship Christ weekly

Connect in Gospel Relationships

  • Committing to biblical community
  • Loving others above ourselves
  • Cultivating a lifestyle of authenticity
  • Exhorting one another to love and good deeds

Live out the Gospel in the World

  • Relying on prayer
  • Trusting the Spirit’s power
  • Reorienting our lives around the gospel
  • Planting churches locally and globally


We exist to Know the gospel, Connect in gospel relationships, and Live out the gospel in the world.




The primary environment for Summit Crossing Community Church to fulfill it’s mission and vision is in the home. In our culture, the home could be defined by a family unit, roommates, or single person. We believe every home represented in our church must be equipped with the gospel to make disciples of Jesus in the rhythms of everyday life.


In the process of discipleship, the members of our homes connect with others in gospel relationships. DNA (Discover, Nurture, Act) groups exist to foster the closest of relationships outside of the home. DNA groups form naturally and intentionally encourage one another to know the Gospel, connect in Gospel relationships, and live the Gospel out in the world.

Missional Communities

Missional Communities are where the majority of Summit Crossing’s mission and vision gets lived out. A Missional Community is a family of servant missionaries who are sent to make disciples. They regularly gather together and walk with each other in the everyday rhythms of life. Read more about Missional Communities.


A collective is a group of Missional Communities in a geographical region. The collective functions like an extended family, providing support, encouragement, and connection for Missional Communities. Collectives are overseen by elders and collective leaders.

Local Church

At Summit Crossing Community Church, our locations are led by a plurality of elders and gather weekly for expositional teaching, singing, prayer, communion, and giving. These weekly gatherings serve the collectives by equipping and encouraging the whole church body with the Gospel.