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Alyson Thompson


Intern with the Crowded House and Acts29 in Sheffield, England. Serve the staff and elders of Crowded House in several areas and am part of an Adventure Life Group, which seeks to reach young adults and families by exposing them to Christian community as we explore & engage with God's creation. 


  • For one person in Sheffield who could intentionally mentor & disciple me in life and ministry. 
  • Revitalization, joy, discipline, & rest in my relationship with the Lord. 
  • Boldness, wisdom, and discernment in my relationships with non-Christians & for their salvation.   


God has given me great grace in quickly establishing relationships with non-Christians, having conversations with them about the gospel & the Christian worldview, & introducing them to Christian community. Please pray that I would grow in the gift of evangelism and for greater boldness in explicitly sharing the gospel & loving them well.