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Summit Students Limestone

Mission and Vision

The mission of Summit Students is to make disciples of Jesus Christ in the everyday rhythms of life.

Summit Students exists to encourage 6th-12th graders to know the Gospel, connect in Gospel relationships, and live out the Gospel in the world. We use the phrase "Know, Connect, Live" as a way to remember this vision.

We desire for our students to feel as if they are a part of the greater body of Christ here and now, and that they do not need to wait until they grow older to be subversive and loving citizens in the kingdom of God. Inversely, we also desire for the greater body to value our students and their gifts God has granted them. We are intentional in everything we do toward this end. 


Missional Community (MC) is the heartbeat of Summit Crossing, and we follow the same model for our students. Other than our United Gatherings (1x/mo), students meet with their Missional Communities every Wednesday evening. We understand that the context of a student is unique, so we have more structure in place than a typical MC, but our end goal is the same: we desire our students to engage and go deep, learning how to become and make disciples in the everyday stuff of life.


Ascend students (Middle School) meet at the building each week and will have a more structured time of fellowship, teaching, and discussion. Jason Jenkins, our Director of Middle School Students, will direct and lead this gathering every week, 6:30 - 8:30 PM. Each student will have a smaller group within this setting that will be their Missional Community. This group is gender specific, led by two or more mentors, and is where they will be able to discuss and more personally apply the truths of the gospel to their own lives.


Apex students (High School) also gather in Missional Communities, though these groups are slightly less structured, and meet in host homes somewhere in Limestone County. Each MC has two or more mentors who lead the students and help facilitate discussion and mission. These gatherings typically happen from 6:30 - 8:30 PM, and will usually include a time of fellowship and a discussion of the upcoming sermon text, though each Apex MC will develop their own rhythms that might differ slightly from group to group. 


All of our Student Missional Communities gather at our Limestone Location the first Wednesday of every month during the school year (August-May). The intent of these gatherings is to support and celebrate what God is doing in our Student Missional Communities week to week. It is also a great opportunity for new students and parents to get connected, as well as providing an environment for our adult Missional Communities to host the evening and get to know our students at Summit Crossing - Limestone. 


Students are encouraged to attend our local gatherings and to serve in a variety of roles. We desire students to value Sunday mornings and to engage in every aspect of corporate worship, from singing to communion.


If you have any further questions, please contact limestonestudents@summitcrossing.org.