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The 5 Solas

Soli Deo Gloria

November 26, 2017

In this final message we explore the capstone of the Five Solas and heartbeat of the Reformation: the glory of God alone. Looking at the glory of God as his ultimate end in all things, we trace this theme through Scripture and consider its implications on our lives today.

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Today, we wrap up our study in Genesis. As we look at Genesis 50, we will see a display of forgiveness between Joseph and his brothers. This provides for us a beautiful picture of reconciliation through the life of Christ. In looking at this picture, we will learn some powerful principles in forgiveness in our own lives. 


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A Joyful Endurance

Philippians 3:12-4:1

June 25, 2017


Genesis 21

March 19, 2017

In Genesis 21 we see the culmination of the Promise being kept to Abraham in the birth of Isaac. God continues to display his grace in the Promised Child being born, in providing protection to Ishmael and Hagar and we are encouraged to rest in the grace of our faith in Christ as the ultimate fulfillment of the Promise. 

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