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Genesis 48-49

October 8, 2017

As the Genesis narrative comes to a close, we see God’s promise coming to fruition in the descendants of Israel. The beginning of a great nation emerges through these blessings, creating the hope and anticipation for a greater King and Kingdom. At the apex of human history is the ultimate fulfillment of these promises—the hope to which this book of beginnings has pointed us all along.

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Genesis 38

September 5, 2017

While the Joseph narrative dominates the final chapters of Genesis, we also find the thread of God’s promise in the line of Judah. Through the terrible circumstances and actions in this chapter we see evidence of God’s sovereign hand in the keeping of his promise and the transformation of his people. Here the seeds are sown for the greater fulfillment that is yet to come, in both Genesis and beyond.

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Genesis 30

July 23, 2017

Through the dysfunctional family of Jacob, God shows that He works to bring about His promises through the awkward mess that is humanity. 
This ancient story reminds us of our everyday lives, but through the brokenness, God calls out His people and provides us with everything they need to walk in His promises.

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A Joyful Endurance

Philippians 4:10-23

July 9, 2017

Paul brings this letter to a close by addressing the area of support and provision. From the text we learn the church in Philippi had previously partnered with Paul in his ministry financially. He thanks them for their renewed interest but takes the opportunity to show them the true source of provision. In the good times and the bad, in “abundance and need,” Paul is able to declare “I can do all things through him who strengthens me” (v. 13).

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