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We naturally overestimate the part we play in our own conversion. In this message we do a fly-by in the book of John to see what part we play in being born of the Spirit. Hint: it’s by grace alone. 

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Genesis 29

July 16, 2017

Genesis 29 is a snapshot of a family who forgets their identity as God's people and pursues comfort and security outside of Him, resulting in major dysfunction. But we see God continually using sinful people to advance his perfect kingdom.

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A Joyful Endurance

Philippians 4:2-9

July 2, 2017

Paul begins the conclusion to this letter with some very practical application, writing with regard to a dispute between two members of the church in Philippi. Don’t miss the implications of this short section: the first-century church was a mess just like the church today.

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Genesis 13 & 14

February 5, 2017

Shortly after God’s promise to bless Abram, he now finds himself in the position of rescuing his nephew Lot from destruction. Abram emerges from the battle victorious and now faces one of his greatest tests. Will he seize power for himself or will he trust in the promise of God to make him into a great nation?

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