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Summit Crossing Community Church partners with other churches and organizations throughout North Alabama to offer the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement course. Perspectives is a 15-week class designed to help students better understand the character of God and how we fit into his great story of redeeming a people from every tongue, tribe, language, and nation. Unlike traditional classroom experiences, Perspectives utilizes a unique format which centers around a different instructor each week. These men and women are not just academic elites (though they are brilliant), but they are faithful followers of Christ and practitioners in the great cause of making Christ known among all nations.

Perspectives is not just a missions class. It’s a course that helps followers of Christ better understand the heart of God and their role in his purposes here and to the ends of the earth. Since this course is offered in cooperation with many other churches and organizations, it moves to new locations throughout our community each semester. This partnership between multiple churches and organizations is a hallmark of the course. Join hundreds of men and women in our community who have already taken this course and discovered they were made for so much more than this world has to offer. To learn more about Perspectives and find the next class near you, please visit the official course website.