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Welcome to mysc3

We are excited to announce a new online community, mySC3. Over the past several years we've had the opportunity to benefit from online communication through The City. Using The City has given us many opportunities to learn and grow in the ways we utilize online communication. With a lot of research and exploration into many options as to how we may be more efficient as a church to equip leaders for the work of ministry, we believe mySC3 allows us to do that to a greater ability. We haven't entered into this lightly. We know the challenges in transitioning systems. The initial discussions into mySC3 begin over two years ago. In that time we've prayed, wrestled and questioned our need for change. Our elders are on board; our staff is on board, and many other church leaders are too. We are excited to launch mySC3!

So what's new?

Many things such as online giving, kids check-in, and group communication will carry over very similarly to the way we have seen in The City.  In addition to these features, mySC3 has robust event management, volunteer scheduling, online forms, and other great features.  One of the most significant key features of mySC3 is that it allows us to consolidate much of our online church communication into one place where you can get the most accurate information about things at Summit Crossing. This consolidation will also cut costs and save money. We look forward to sharing more about this new online community on Sunday. 

Here's a quick side-by-side comparison between The City and mySC3:

Give it a try! Sign up today at: www.mySC3.org!

We know it can be difficult to learn a new communication tool, but we encourage you to be active on mySC3 so that you can get used to its functionality and features.  

If you have any questions about mySC3, check out the great help resources on mySC3 under the settings, or email mysc3@summitcrossing.org, and we’d be happy to help you!