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Membership is important at Summit Crossing Community Church. Why? The answer is simple: commitment. Commitment seems to be lacking in many Christian churches, both to Christ and His church. It's true that when someone becomes a Christian, they are already a “member” in the Kingdom of God. But the church is where Christians get to know the gospel, connect in gospel relationships, and live the gospel out in the world.

Membership is not taken lightly at Summit Crossing. The mission God has given us is big, really big. It will require a membership that is not only unified around this vision, but one that is passionate about its accomplishment. We believe much will be required of the members of Summit Crossing to glorify His name in the kingdom work He has given us to do here.

Because we hold membership in such high regard, there is a specific process we ask potential members to go through. This process is not designed to push people away, intimidate, or to set up “hoops” to jump through. The purpose of this process is to assemble a membership that is called and set apart to do God’s work in a way that is both honoring to Him and attractive to the world. Here are the steps to pursue membership at Summit Crossing:

  1. Complete Discover Class.

  2. Review the Membership Covenant for your church location (Madison / Limestone) and complete the online Membership Application on the left side of the page.

  3. Faithfully engage in Missional Community life.

  4. Meet with elder(s) and/or church leader(s).

  5. Sign the Membership Covenant (presented to you by elder and/or church leader).