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Mark 14:26-42

July 14, 2019

Jesus’s closest friends thought they could fearlessly stare down death for him, but they couldn’t even stay awake and pray for him. Jesus knew he’d be betrayed by one disciple and abandoned by all the others, yet he still willingly accepted this lonely, sorrowful path to the cross. The cross is not God’s stamp of approval on our strength, but his infinite mercy toward our weakness. Like the disciples, we’re less heroic than we think. We are weak, but He is strong.

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Mark 10:13-31

March 31, 2019

What do we value most? And where do our utmost priorities lie? For many of us, these questions cannot be answered until we are faced with losing certain things. And in these moments, our idols are revealed. But this gracious King looks on us with love and reminds us that the chief treasure of our hearts can only be found in coming to God like a little child, and receiving Jesus himself as we enter the Kingdom.

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Mark 7:24-37

November 27, 2018

In one of the most shocking stories we have seen so far in Mark, Jesus makes it abundantly clear that man-made societal systems do not dictate the way His Kingdom advances. The most unlikely of people, in the most unlikely of circumstances, who by faith throw themselves onto the mercy of this King will not be turned away. Even when all of society views them as unworthy dogs.

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Mark 7:1-23

November 18, 2018

As Jesus continues to display and declare His Kingdom, religious leaders respond with indignant opposition. Jesus rebukes them for elevating their man-made traditions over God’s Word and leading their listeners astray. He teaches that true Kingdom citizenship is rooted in internal transformation rather than external rituals. Jesus came not to upgrade our traditions but to resurrect our hearts.

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