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Mark 9:42-50

March 17, 2019

As we look in this passage of Mark, one thing is abundantly clear - Jesus is not simply looking to establish his Kingdom alongside systems of this age that are already in place. This Kingdom is a whole new way. And unlike systems of this age that teach us to fight to get everything we can, this Kingdom is about losing everything we have, trusting that entering God’s new Kingdom way is worth losing it all.

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Renew | Union with Christ

January 20, 2019

We continue our Vision Series, "Renew," by focusing on a significant but often-overlooked aspect of our salvation: union with Christ. The Bible teaches that to be a Christian is to be united to Jesus spiritually, which has massive implications for our lives. Seeing that God has united us to Jesus transforms the way we seek to obey Jesus' command to "abide" in him - and much more.

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Stand Alone Sermons

God's Glory Among The Nations

August 12, 2018

God's ultimate goal in all He does is to bring glory to Himself. This is good news for humanity because we are invited to find our deepest satisfaction in enjoying Him and making His glory known among the nations.

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In this portion of the letter, James gives a wake up call to those who have chosen to trust in their own self-reliance over the sovereignty of God. And for those that choose to trust in themselves, sin leads to more and more evil, as the power of their wealth and self-reliance is abused on the backs of those in poverty. But for all who would look to the cross, there is hope in the steadfast love of the Lord, for it is in Him alone that we find our value, dignity, and worth.

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