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Serve the Refuge House

We are excited to continue to partner with the City Church Network and the families being sent out from our church (Killebrews and Bakers) in their ministry to the refugees and unreached in Nashville. One specific need that City Church Network has right now is renovation work on their Refuge House (https://citychurchmovement.com/refuge-house/).

The Refuge House is in need of the following:

  • painting the interior of the house
  • blinds for about 32 windows
  • white board wall paint for the staff area
  • build an exterior deck to host fellowships and church parties.  

Here’s a few ways you can help:

 1) Donate to the needs of the Refuge House by giving through the City (Refuge House Projects) or writing a check to Summit Crossing Community Church with “Refuge House projects” in the memo.  We are estimating the total cost to be around $4,500 – $5,000

***Work teams are full. Remaining need is for donations.

2) Go up to Nashville with a team to paint, hang blinds, and work on other various projects. We have serving trips scheduled for Saturday, July 23rd and Saturday, July 30th. These teams will meet in Nashville Saturday morning by 9am and spend the entire day working at the Refuge House before heading back that evening. We’ll also plan to take a quick tour of the area where City Church Network is working. Joel McCarty will be leading a team on July 23rd and Bailey Vinson or Nathan Jewett will be leading a team on July 30th.

3) Be part of a specific team to build a deck at the Refuge House. If you have this type of skill or know someone who does and may be interested, please email Bailey@summitcrossing.org. This project may operate independent of the above work days depending on the availability of skilled workers.

Please use the button below to register for one of these work days.