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Ladies Intensive

On Thursday night October 13th from 6:00p-8:00p, at Summit Crossing Madison, we will be hosting our very first Ladies Leadership Intensive.

Because this is new, let us define what an “Intensive” is. It, at least for our purposes,  is a very jam packed few hours of teaching and practice regarding the topic we choose to focus on. 

For our very first intensive on the 13th, we will be focusing on how to study the Bible and what it looks like to facilitate a discussion based on what we have studied. We are going to discuss and model a couple of very effective ways to not only read and study God’s Word, but to organize and pull out personal application. For instance, “How does this passage relate to my life?” or “ What steps of obedience might the Lord be calling me to in light of what I have read?”  

We are going to talk through how we might lead a healthy productive conversation on these topics in a setting such as your den with your DNA group or in a larger organized group discussion. However, most likely, these applications will work themselves out over coffee at Starbucks or at across your kitchen table while the kids play together. 

This night is designed to be practical and hands-on. The hope is that it will serve to equip the ladies of our church and assist to promote healthy Gospel-centered discussions.  Opportunities will be provided to practice what we have learned in the room with coaching available.

Please consider attending from 6:00p-8:00p next Thursday evening. Come alone or with the ladies in your Missional Community. Melissa Patterson will be facilitating the evening. 

*there is no childcare for this event