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Apex Summer Camp

We are excited to announce our plans for the upcoming 2017 Summer Camp! We will be back at Camp ToKnowHim this summer and we are excited about what is in store! There are some things that will remain the same as last year and some things that will change. We hope to cover all the necessary information in this post, so please continue reading to learn more.

Like last year, a limited number of Apex Students (10th - 12th grade only, capped at 20 persons) will have the opportunity to be Servant Leaders during Ascend & Grapple Camp (June 5 - 8), but unlike last year, all Apex Students (9th - 12th) will have the opportunity to attend as campers toward the end of the week (June 8 - 12).

We will have Jeremy Rose and the Axis Band back with us to lead us out in teaching and corporate worship, and we look forward to a great week of intense community together.

Following are the dates and prices available to the students:
Apex Camp (9th - 12th) | June 8 - 12 | Cost: Early Bird - $270, Regular - $300
Apex Servant Leader (9th - 12th) | June 5 - 12 | Cost: $100

Additional details for campers:
*The Early Bird deadline is March 2nd.
*Registration does not require full payment, but does require a non-refundable $50 deposit. *As long as you register and pay the deposit before the Early Bird deadline, you lock in the Early Bird price.
*Each student needs to fill out a registration form.

Additional details for Servant Leader applicants:
*The deadline to apply for a Servant Leader position is March 15th.
*There are only 20 Servant Leader positions available. 
*To be considered for a Servant Leader position, you must also be attending Apex Camp at the end of the week. 
*If you apply for the Servant Leader position, you must also register for Apex Camp separately.