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At Summit Crossing Community Church, we take our cue from the Bible in all matters of faith and practice. Church leadership isn't excluded from the test of scripture. In the Old Testament God called individual men and women to lead His people. This changed with the coming of Jesus Christ and the birth of His church. He called out twelve men to whom He entrusted His church, a plurality in leadership. Of the 18 times church leadership is mentioned after Christ’s ascension, 15 of them denote plurality in church leadership (the other three references are actually viewed in light of a plural context). From the birth of the church in Acts throughout its growth, the church leadership is placed in the hands of a group of overseers or elders. They are a group of men called out by God for four major purposes:

  1. To know the people of the church.
  2. To lead the church with grace and truth.
  3. To feed the church through Spirit-filled, Biblical teaching.
  4. To protect the church from false teaching.

The elders of Summit Crossing Community Church desire to fulfill the same task given to the early church leaders. Below are the elders serving our Madison and Limestone locations.

Madison Elders

Paul Whaley Lead Teaching Pastor

Paul Whaley
Lead Teaching Pastor

David Thew Leadership Development

David Thew

Leadership Development

Greg Johnson Executive Pastor

Greg Johnson

Executive Pastor

Adam Aberle Lay Elder

Adam Aberle

Lay Elder

Patrick Johnson Worship Pastor

Patrick Johnson

Worship Pastor

Luke Dorion Lay Elder

Luke Dorion

Lay Elder

Barry Hargis Lay Elder

Barry Hargis

Lay Elder

Limestone Elders

Jamey Nettles Limestone Pastor

Jamey Nettles

Limestone Pastor

Sean Carter Lay Elder

Sean Carter

Lay Elder

Chris Snitko Lay Elder

Chris Snitko

Lay Elder

Joey Thompson Lay Elder

Joey Thompson

Lay Elder