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Gonzalo & Rachel Córdova


Our vision is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ in San José, Costa Rica and fulfill the great commission. 


  • Starting our new life together as a married couple (just married in March 2016). 
  • We are looking for a new church and need direction from God. 
  • Gonzalo’s dream is to go to seminary school; please pray for God’s timing, deciding on the right seminary, and God’s financial provision.


  • We always see fruit when we go downtown to share the gospel. Many people are receptive to the gospel of Jesus Christ and make him Lord of their lives. 
  • Homes of Hope is a ministry partner of ours. Recently, we built a house for a young couple who have been walking with the Lord and have the desire to be married. The team that built the house is also giving them a wedding! It is so exciting to see God at work in the families of this needy community!