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Community Bible Reading


What is CBR?

The Community Bible Reading Journal (CBR) is a tool and artifact designed to grow followers of Jesus in the daily discipline of communion with God and His people. The goals for participants are:

  • Become more biblically literate as they read through the Bible across time.
  • Enjoy increased intimacy with God as they encounter Him in His Word.
  • Enjoy increased intimacy within their community as they participate together. 

At the core of the CBR Journal is the Daily Reading Schedule for the year. By reading one New Testament chapter every weekday (Mon-Fri), participants will read the entire new Testament every year. By reading one Old Testament chapter every weekday and by reading a Psalm each Saturday, participants will read through the entire Old Testament every three years. With that said, reading through the Bible in a certain amount of time is not the primary goal of the CBR Journal. We do not recommend that participants to try to "catch up" for days they've missed, but instead join the community in the scheduled reading on the day they begin...or begin again. 

In light of the goals for CBR, the Journal is designed to guide you through Four Movements each morning.

  1. Surrender through prayer
  2. Listen to the Scriptures
  3. Pray through your pen
  4. Prepare for Gospel Community.

We are excited to finally launch CBR publicly at the church and look forward to seeing how the Lord might use this resource in the days to come. Journals will continue to be available at the Resource Center for $10.