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Why do we plant churches?

Church planting is at the heart of Summit Crossing. We believe God has called us to be disciple-makers, multiply missional communities, and plant churches. As we seek to press out the mission of God in our context and around the world, we believe our Missional Outpost, what we call the “Redemption Project”, will play a vital role in that.

First, why it’s important that we plant churches. We believe the scriptures teach us that the church is God’s change agent for the world. God’s Word is taught and lived out in a gospel-centered community. When the community of God lives out the mission of God, it brings glory to God. Therefore, we need more gospel-centered churches. Churches that will not only hint at the gospel but will proclaim it boldly in a Christ-haunted culture. A culture that has heard just enough of Jesus that has led to a false sense of security. This dangerous position breeds self-centeredness and self-righteousness. We want to proclaim a gospel that both confronts our self-centeredness and slays our self-righteousness. We need more churches so the gospel can continue to keep pressing out the gospel of Jesus. It’s important that we teach, train, and send church planters out that will spread the beauty and power of the gospel. One church alone cannot reach a city, state, nation and world full of unreached people. We need thousands more. We are praying God gives us great vision and direction in planting gospel-centered churches.

Second, there are at least three ways our Missional Outpost is used to help plant churches. 1) It will act as a hub for the South Central Acts 29 Church planting network. Pastors from across Alabama and Tennessee will attend a monthly church planter luncheon where equipping and encouraging will happen for church planters. A large percentage of church planters burn out. We will be a catalyst in our region in helping church planters feel encouraged and equipped for the mission to which God has called them. 2) We will offer a church planter school designed to train church planters. This church planter school will host 6-8 church planters a year that will come from all over to attend and to learn. Last year there were six pastors in this school and this year there are 7 registered. 3) We will offer conferences and other seminars that will be helpful for church planters and other leaders. We hosted a small training for six church plant pastors last month where we taught on “How to plant churches with a missional community mindset.” God has blessed us with this missional outpost, and we want to be a blessing to others by stewarding it for the glory of God.

Will you join us in praying that God will use the Redemption Project for His glory? Will you also join us on April 17th as we bring a sacrificial financial gift that will go toward paying down the debt on the building? The more we pay down, the more money that is freed up for ministry.

It’s a joy serving with you!

Paul Whaley

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