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Vision Sunday 2016

In 2010, construction began at 7200 Governors West (the address of our Madison location).  We called it the “Redemption Project.”  Initially, it was decided to only renovate half of the building, which we currently use for our worship gathering and children space.  God has blessed and moved since we settled into our new home in November of 2011.  Now, we are closing in on completing the other half of the building that will be used for additional children’s space, church offices, and a missional outpost for our city and beyond.  This building has been at the center of our city for over 50 years, and has been well known for many things which involve a strip club at one point.  Now, by God’s grace and design, this building is a lighthouse to our community.  Our prayer is that the gospel will freely flow from this place and will bring redemption to our city and the ends of the earth.


  1. It’s a place where God’s people can gather and grow.
  2. It’s a place where people can be encouraged and equipped.
  3. It’s a place where people will be trained and sent.

The effectiveness of this project will be measured by our sending capacity, not seating capacity.


Our vision moving forward involves pressing in, pressing down, and pressing out.

Press In
Over the next year and beyond, our leadership is going to take intentional steps in the investment of our leaders.  We are praying, planning, are preparing to take great steps of intentionality of the development our leaders.  Below are some of the ways this facility will be used to press in.

  • Training seminars
  • Theological training
  • Collective leaders coaching
  • A place of counseling and encouragement

Press Down
Over the next year and beyond we are praying for complete involvement from all attenders. We will press down in the areas of volunteering, giving, and going.

* Volunteering: a place where people can serve and learn to serve

* Giving: a place where people can give generously with their time, talents and treasure

* Going: a place to train others how to be faithful to the great commission

Press out
Over the next year and beyond, we are committed to pressing the gospel out to our neighbors and to the nations. Multiplying missional communities, planting healthy churches, sending individuals and families, and caring for the marginalized are the strategic avenues that our church family will press out.

  • Missional community multiplication:  Complete city saturation. What will it take to multiply MC’s across our region over the next 5-10 years? Training for leaders through instructional lunches, seminars and more will be available.
  • Planting healthy churches across Alabama, the South, our nation, and the ends of the earth: We are partnering with a29 network to plant 200 churches by 2020. The Redemption Project will house a church planter school and also host monthly church planter lunches that involve training and encouragement.
  • Sending individuals and families to the nations:  There will be on-site training for missionaries to be sent to the unreached peoples of the world. We will also host conferences and seminars on missional living.
  • Caring for the marginalized, orphans, and widows:  We are mandated as Christians to care for the least of these. We will use the “RP” to help in our city to care for the least of these among us.



Pray Big 
To see a gospel awakening take place across our city, then it will require each of us to pray big. We are asking you to join us in prayer as we set out to run the course God has for us. We are also asking you to pray big about what God would have you give.  Sacrificial Sunday is April 17th, and our goal for the day is $500,000. This will pay down a considerable amount on the completion of the Redemption Project. Our desire is to be good stewards of the resources God has given us.

Give Big
If we are going to achieve the God-size goal of $500,000 in one Sunday, then it will require each of us to give big. What would a sacrificial gift look like for your family? We are simply asking you to take time to pray, prepare and then follow through in obedience.

Celebrate Big
We believe God is doing great things through His church and will continue to do so. You are invited to join in with the vision God has called us to and to celebrate Jesus big as we set out to bring redemption to those in our city and beyond.



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