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Staff Update: Get to Know Brian Metz

We caught up with Brian Metz this week to discuss his transition as a new member of the Missional Life team. After serving as our Pastor of Student Discipleship for the past five years, Brian is stepping in to lead and disciple our Missional Communities (MC) and MC Leaders. Let’s hear from Brian…

Summit Crossing: Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you ended up at Summit Crossing.

Metz: We first came to Summit Crossing in 2011. I was originally brought on board as an intern with an intention to learn from the team here about church planting. I worked at Starbucks as a barista to make money but continued to pick up responsibility and became more and more involved in student ministry. After taking the students to Student Life Camp in 2012, I got back and Greg Johnson sat me down. He said, “How would you like to not have to worry about working at Starbucks again?” I flatly said, “When do I put in my two week notice?” I was excited. 
And that’s how it began. Throughout the duration of Brian’s time as Pastor of Student Discipleship, he and his wife Kimberly fostered seven children and ultimately adopted two of those placements. The student ministry grew from 25 to 125 students and 7 leaders to 27 mentors. In addition to his personal family growth and flourishing ministry, Brian began to dig into how to best support MC leaders and their communities. He assumed the role as a Collective Leader for the Harvest/Monrovia MCs. After attending SOMA School in Tacoma, Washington in October of 2015, he knew there needed to be some changes in how we do Mission Communities (MC) and DNA groups. Brian started to think he may play a part in that change but wasn’t yet sure how.
Summit Crossing: When did you realize you wanted to move into this role? What triggered this?

Metz: After SOMA school, a few things in my heart began to stir. After a few more seasons plugging away in this role with the students, I started to pray “God, where am I going to be in five years?” I have always been drawn to church planting but I wasn’t sure what God was doing with me. I knew I wanted to serve and work at Summit Crossing but I wasn’t sure if this current role was right for me anymore. I started to wonder, “Is there someone who could breathe new life into this student ministry?
In early 2017, through a series of at-times-comical events, Brian was able to express his heart’s desire to Paul Whaley and David Thew. His desire for working with Summit Crossing’s MCs had grown in a way that could no longer be ignored. He met with them on a Monday. In the very same week, Matt Herring reached out to Brian to express his desire to dive deeper into student discipleship at Summit Crossing. With lots of prayer and extensive planning and preparation, the transition was all set.
We are thrilled to announce this transition and support Brian as he moves into this role. His office is by far the most eclectic of our staff with Star Wars figurines and a multitude of tattered, well-loved books. You can catch Brian in the main lobby between services on Sundays. He is hard to miss – red beard, Ohio State shirt, and often deep in animated conversation. Brian calls himself a proud “over-sharer” so don’t hesitate to introduce yourself if you see him around but beware, you might get more than you asked for. 
Congratulations, Brian!  
- - -
Want to get in touch with Brian? Shoot him an email bmetz@summitcrossing.org and follow him @brianmetz.
Want to know more about Summit Crossing Missional Communities and how to plug in? Visit our Missional Community page or register for our next Discover Class here.


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