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This story is part two of a three-part series highlighting Perspectives, a 15-week class designed to help students better understand the character of God and how we fit into his great story of redeeming a people from every tongue, tribe, language, and nation. Perspectives utilizes a unique format with a different instructor each week. What to know more about Perspectives? Click here 

Summit Crossing: Tell us about what brought you to the Perspectives class?

Luke: My family has been at Summit Crossing for about three years and a little over a year ago, we started leading a Missional Community (MC)  in Hampton Cove. At the time, we had about seven families and at the end of 2016, we had grown pretty small; we only had about four families really committed. I started to doubt my abilities as a leader and then it quickly became clear that we were small for a reason. One of our members was the prayer leader for the upcoming cohort of Perspectives and he had been talking about the experience to our MC – how it broadened his worldview and shaped his idea of the global church. We knew a cohort was coming up and each of started individually making the commitment to attend. Shortly after that, we found out it was going to be hosted at Rivertree which is literally right down the road from where we all live. So, it was really made up on that point. We had no excuses.

One by one, Luke and his MC enrolled in Perspectives. In a way the group had decided individually and then realized “Hey wait, we are all in this together!” They knew this was a special opportunity to do this fully and intentionally. It just so happened that for this 15-week season, each member had availability for two nights a week (Mondays for Perspectives and Thursdays for MC night). Each week at Perspectives, their MC would all sit together and hang out. Luke said, “It really got back to the point of doing one thing and doing it well. We chose to do Perspectives and do it well.” On Thursdays, they would discuss the biblical, historical, strategic, and cultural elements to what they learned and heard on Monday nights.

With their entire MC attending, we asked Luke some pointed question about the experience with the community group in mind. Giving up two nights a week is a very difficult task for many busy families so we reflected on the practical elements of what Perspectives requires of participants.

Summit Crossing: So can you explain what a typical week looks like?

Luke: Each Monday is 3 hours long with the main point being a speaker who talks on the certain topic. Each speaker has their own thing that they want to say and sometimes you’ll really jive with it and other times it doesn’t quite hit as close to home. You have readings assigned based on that week’s topic that you are to complete by the next week. As far as homework is concerned, I typically gave about 3-4 hours a week. Some of the articles that I wanted to simply skim, I would want to keep digging in. Others I could flip through and feel caught up to speed.

Summit Crossing: What has changed in your household since Perspectives?

Luke: I have realized what a privilege it is that the God of the universe wants me to be an active part of his story. We have this privilege and honor to join God to bring people from all nations to the cross. Since this class, when we pray with our kids at night, we pray for people in the world who have never heard of Jesus. We have a cultural contextualization of the gospel that impacts our daily thoughts and actions.

Probably the best thing Luke shared was the impact Perspectives had on their MC. During the 15 weeks, their group purposefully did not take in any new families. As a result, this core group of Christians now has idea of being a global Christian sown into the fabric of their existence. At each MC night, they pray specifically for Summit Crossing’s missionaries and have appointed a couple in their group to act as Missional Care Coordinators. This couple is responsible for logistics and active care of missionaries that Summit Crossing is connected to – how much does it cost to ship a package to Cory? When will the next trip to India take place? How can we stay informed of prayer requests from Summit Crossing’s Mercy Ship family? This couple has got it. They also attend every Prayer for the Nations as a designated representative of Luke’s MC group - they aren’t playing around!  

Summit Crossing: What do you want people to know about Perspectives from this?

Luke: The first few weeks are free. So just go. See what God does with those first few weeks…See if you can resist.

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The next Perspectives Class is Aug 21 – Dec 04 on Monday nights at The Brook in Madison from 6:00p-9:00p. 

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