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Lent | Overview

The season of Lent that leads up to Easter Sunday is one that has historically been observed through penitential prayer, fasting and sacrificial giving. The intent behind this time is to focus on the temptations, suffering, service and death of our Savior, unifying and preparing hearts for the celebration of the resurrection. Following this same spirit, we will be offering some resources and direction during this time.

Each Sunday leading up to Easter we will be releasing a missional focused blog post, including prayer directives, and intentionally setting aside each Thursday to corporately fast and pray together. We encourage each member of Summit Crossing to take part whether it be one meal or the entire day. The last week before Easter, also known as Holy Week, we will be providing Missional Community leaders with a resource for each group that will specifically focus on Maundy Thursday, the day Jesus shared his last meal with his disciples before the cross and resurrection. Also during that week, the day of corporate fasting will be on Friday, and we will all gather together for a Good Friday Service to break the fast with a time of communion. We also encourage groups to go eat a full meal together after the service for a time of fellowship.

We hope this will unify our hearts to be of one mind and come together rejoicing each Sunday, especially Easter, in the hope of the resurrection that has come in Christ, and that will come for all those who are in Christ when He returns. 


March 23 | Day of Corporate Fasting
March 26 | “Know the Gospel” Blog Post Released
March 30 | Day of Corporate Fasting
April 2 | “Connect in Gospel Relationships” Blog Post Released
April 6 | Day of Corporate Fasting
April 9 | “Live Out the Gospel” Blog Post Released
April 14 | Day of Corporate Fasting
April 14 | Good Friday Service
April 16 | Easter Sunday


- During this season of Lent, ask Jesus to give you a deep understanding of His suffering and pain leading up to His execution.
- Spend time praying for your brothers and sisters in the body of Summit Crossing to understand the same.
- Thank God for His plan of reconciliation in place from before the foundations of the world.


Joel McCarty


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