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Scripture Meditation

Recently, in our Sunday gatherings, we have been talking about being intentional with meditating on Scripture through silence, solitude, and prayer. We wanted to provide a simple resource that will hopefully be helpful for you during this season and beyond. The resource is made available to you courtesy of leaderscollective.com.

“Pray as you think. Consciously embrace with your heart every gleam of light and truth that comes to your own mind. Thank God and pray about everything that strikes you powerfully.”
John Owen

Donald Whitney calls meditation “the missing link between Bible intake and prayer. Too often disjointed, the two should be united.”

Whitney writes:
"The process works like this: After the input of a passage of Scripture, mediation allows us to take what God has said and think deeply on it, digest it, and then speak to God about it in meaningful prayer. As a result, we pray about what we’ve encountered in the Bible, now personalized through meditation. And not only do we have something substantial to say in prayer, as well as the confidence that we are praying God’s thoughts to Him, but we transition smoothly into prayer and with more passion for what we’re praying about."
When enlivened by mediation, prayer becomes more like a real conversation with a real person— which is exactly what prayer is. God speaks to us in His Word, and we speak to Him in response to what He has said.

Often we find in meditation, a mix of things we can praise God for, things we can thank God for, things we need to confess, and things we need to ask God to do.


Read Psalm 90 twice. Write down what strikes you powerfully.

Spend five minutes meditating on Psalm 90:12.

Write a four to eight sentence prayer based on your time in the Psalm, specifically verse 12. Use the following questions to help you form your prayer.

  • What strikes you as something to praise God for?
  • What strikes you as something you need to confess to God?
  • What strikes you as something to thank God for?
  • What strikes you as something that you need to ask God to do?

*You can use this exercise with various passages of Scripture to help you meditate and soak in the truth of God's Word.

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