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Rhythms & Rest

Every July, the elders at Summit Crossing graciously give me a preaching break from Sundays. This allows me a time to rest, reflect, and re-focus for the future. This is an important rhythm of rest for me. This is the seventh year in a row for me to do this, and it is one of God’s good gifts to me. What types of rhythms of rest have you incorporated into your year? Seasons of rest are not only helpful; they are biblical. Also, it’s important to understand what a season of rest looks like.  First of all, here are three things a season of rest is not: 1. Replacing work with other types of work. 2. Replacing busyness with idleness. 3. Replacing disciplines with no disciplines. 

Instead, a season of rest is a time to spend time listening, mediating, and refocusing our time and efforts on things that have eternal impact. This means extended times alone with God and God’s word. This means extended times simply listening to God’s voice and shutting out the noise of this world. It means diving into greater spiritual disciplines that will take root in our lives when the daily grind kicks back in. 

Therefore, by God’s grace, here is how I plan to spend my next month. I am going to take the month off from social media. I am going to spend more time in books and God’s word instead of binge watching another season of the latest show. Here are the two books I’m going to be hanging out in this summer, “The Gospel of the Kingdom” by George Ladd & “Dangerous Calling” by Paul Tripp. Also, I plan to spend extended times journaling and jotting down notes that God speaks softly to me (or loudly) through his Word and through prayer times. I am going to spend more time being present with my kids and wife. They need to know how much their dad and husband love them and treasure them.  I’m going to laugh, listen, and love being with my family and friends. My prayer is that God will enable me to enjoy his good gifts to me while not idolizing them. 

God is a good and gracious Father. I’m very thankful for the family He has called me into, and by His grace, this season of rest will drive this truth even deeper into my heart. I pray I come out on the other side of July refreshed and ready to go for another 40 years as a worshipper of our great God.

See you on the other side. I love you greatly SC3!

Paul Whaley

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