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Meet the Bakers


As followers of Jesus who seek to proclaim the good news of the kingdom, we desire to celebrate when we are given the opportunity to partner in the advancement of His mission. Because God has grown His church here in Limestone County, we now have the opportunity to bring on Dave Baker in a part-time role as our Manager of Operations. Dave and his wife, Tiffany, have been a part of the Summit family for quite a few years now, and most recently have been serving as missionaries to the refugee communities in the Nashville, TN area. Through various circumstances, God has made it clear that He is moving them back to the North Alabama area, and through many conversations and prayer, the elders have felt led to bring Dave and his family to Summit Crossing Limestone to help equip the saints for the work of the ministry. Dave will be working closely with the elders and our Pastor of Missional Life to help plan and execute our discipleship strategies and structures. Dave has a heart to see people not only study and know the Word but to love, obey and follow it as well. We look forward to him and his family being a part of our Summit Crossing body, and we know that in the coming months, you will enjoy getting to know him, his wife Tiffany, and their three-year-old son, Gus. Please pray for the Baker family during this time of transition, as Dave will officially begin this role February 1st of 2018. 

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What has God been doing in your heart and life this last year?

"God has been increasing our passion for seeing every last tribe and tongue reached with the good news of Jesus. He has made his global mission intensely personal for us. We no longer only pray broadly for groups such as the Kurds, the Arabs, or the Sudanese. Now we also pray specifically for friends and neighbors from those groups and for their loved ones around the world. It's been an indescribable privilege to share the gospel with these friends, some of whom had never heard it before. At the same time, God has shown us that our long-term role in his global mission isn't to stay on the front lines full-time. Through our wiring, giftedness, and natural strengths and weaknesses, we see him clearly leading us to a new phase of life and ministry. Moving into this new phase is an exciting, yet bittersweet transition for us. While it's difficult to move away from our friends in Nashville, especially those who aren't believers, we're thrilled to join the Summit Crossing Limestone family in knowing, loving, and following Jesus together."

What are some key things you have learned during your time in Nashville?

"Wow, so much! We've learned more vividly how the good news of Jesus truly is vastly better news than any other message out there. We've learned that our lives are profoundly enriched when we befriend and love people who are very different from ourselves. We've learned that many of our culture's assumptions about other cultures are dead wrong. We've learned to embrace the ministries of presence, listening, and tears, in addition to the ministries of meeting physical needs and sharing the gospel. We've learned afresh that God doesn't need us, but delights to include us in his family and mission. We've learned more about how God loves to display his power through our weakness, and that he can use absolutely anyone to advance the gospel and make disciples." 

How long have you been a part of the Summit Crossing family?

"About five years."

Dave, what are you most excited about moving into this role at Summit Crossing?

"Well, there are many things. I'm most excited to grow together with the church family in loving God, each other, and the lost."

What are your hopes for this next season of your life and ministry?  

Dave: "I hope to serve others' joy of faith in Christ and love for God's Word, and I know that we will also grow through you. Over the long haul, I hope to help equip and mobilize singles and families to bring the gospel of Jesus to the nations that have yet to hear."
Tiffany: "I'm looking forward to being in community with the Limestone family and encouraging others as we grow together in Christ. I'm also thankful that this transition will allow me to develop more consistent rhythms for myself and my family."

What do you love most about your son, Gus?

"What a tough question! We love how he loves everybody, how he prays for us, and how cute he is when he tries to be a scary monster or dinosaur. Sorry, that was three things."

What is a passage or concept in Scripture you have been meditating on recently and why? 

Dave: "Lately I've been reading and re-reading the book of Luke in long sections to see the big picture. Some passages in the gospels are very confusing on their own, but the authors intentionally combine narratives and teachings into one unified portrait of Jesus and his gospel. I'm learning to zoom out to see the whole to better understand the parts. It is refueling my awe of God."
Tiffany: "The humanity and humility of Jesus have become especially meaningful to me over the last few months. He became one of us, leaving the highest place to take the lowest place and humbly serve needy people like us - even to the point of suffering and death. I'm amazed and comforted that he genuinely sympathizes with my weakness and comes down to my level."

What hobbies do you have?

Dave: "Reading, spending time with friends, and watching YouTube videos of magicians trying to fool Penn & Teller."
Tiffany: "I enjoy cooking and trying new recipes, especially if I don't have to wash the dishes afterward. I also love playing board games and just spending time with our friends."

What type of music do you like to listen to? 

Dave: "I enjoy classical, swing, some rock, some classic jazz, and a bit of CCM. I love Shane and Shane's album Psalms II. If you don't have that one, you're missing out."
Tiffany: "I echo Dave's love for Shane & Shane. My favorites are Andrew Peterson and Sandra McCracken, and several other folksy, Jesus-loving artists."

What is your favorite food? 

Dave: "Either the beef shawarma sandwich one of my Kurdish friends makes or the Thai beef stew Tiff makes. Both are incredible."
Tiffany: "Chicken Pad Thai. I just tried it for the first time this summer at a local Thai market, and I crave it all the time now."