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Staff Update: Meet Matt Herring

We recently had the privilege to sit down with our new Director of Student Discipleship, Matt Herring. Matt pulled up to our meeting in a custom fully-wrapped FCA van (perks of his current gig), wearing a genuine grin and a ball cap. This guy is ready for anything! Here’s a bit of our conversation…

Summit Crossing: Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you ended up at Summit Crossing.

Matt: In early 2011 I lived at Fagan Springs Apartments in Huntsville near Monte Sano Mountain. Luckily for me, I was two doors down from Andy Durr, Tucker Hunter, and Chris Mason. They invited me to Summit Crossing and I’ve been here ever since. It was a complete answer to prayer. I’m originally from South Carolina and was working with Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) managing their Northeast Alabama region. Finding guys my age that I could share my faith and values with was a huge win.

In 2011, Matt became a member at Summit Crossing and began serving on the Connection Team. Greeting guests in the main lobby and directing families to our kids wing has been a perfect fit these past years as Matt’s job placed a heavy demand on his schedule during the work week. As one of the many blessing to come from his seven years of service with FCA, Matt met his wife Holly. They married in 2015 and currently reside in the Oak Park community of Huntsville where they co-lead a Missional Community Group full of young families, singles, and married couples.

Summit Crossing: What are you most excited about as you move into this role?

Matt: I am most excited to have a group of students that I see on a weekly basis. I am excited for the consistency. With FCA, I get to meet a lot of new people but I am really excited to be fully integrated into our Summit students’ lives. My wife Holly has served as a mentor with Summit Students for about a year and I’ve been able to witness first-hand how much of a family it is. I am excited about the family aspect of it.

Matt carried on to discuss his heart for student’s event further. The second part of our mission at Summit Crossing is to CONNECT with one another in gospel relationships. Matt simple stated, “Surface level is not the goal.” With this new role and building off of what Brian Metz has already built in this ministry, he plans to continue to build a family here – where every student can be known, loved, and discipled.

We feel so fortunate to gain Matt’s heart and purpose to our team. He brings rich ministry experience to our staff and we are delighted to welcome and support him in this role. If you want to introduce yourself, Matt can typically be found hanging out in the main lobby before, between, and after Sunday services. Those of you who know him can vouch - Matt is probably at his best when he is doubled over in infectious laughter. He is easy-going, humble, and has a self-proclaimed, unashamed obsession with candy - his favorite being Wild Berry Skittles.

Welcome, Matt!

- - -

Want to get in touch with Matt? Shoot him an email mherring@summitcrossing.org and follow him @mherring24. Want to know more about Summit Students and how to plug in? Visit our Students page and follow us on InstagramTwitter for updates.


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