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Kingdom Citizens

In this series we will examine Jesus' first and longest sermon, the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5-7. This sermon serves as the inaugural address of Jesus’ earthly ministry, where he begins to unpack what it truly means to be a part of his Kingdom and sets the stage for what true citizenship looks like. These chapters flip the script and turn the expectations of the religious leaders upside down. Make no mistake, there is true power in Christ’s Kingdom, but citizenship isn’t what they, or perhaps even we, thought it would be. And so for us today we look at what it means, even now, to live under the good rule of Christ as Kingdom Citizens.


07/10 - Kingdom Blessing (Matt 5:1-12)
07/17 - Kingdom Righteousness (Matt 5:13-20)
07/24 - Kingdom Ethics (Matt 5:21-37)
07/31 - Kingdom Love (Matt 5:38-48)
08/07 - Kingdom Prayer (Matt 6:1-18)
08/14 - Kingdom Stewardship (Matt 6:19-34)
08/21 - Kingdom Relationships (Matt 7:1-12)
08/28 - Kingdom Fruit (Matt 7:13-29)

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