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Don't Let Fear Reign


This blog is the final entry of a three-part series highlighting Perspectives, a 15-week class designed to help students better understand the character of God and how we fit into his great story of redeeming a people from every tongue, tribe, language, and nation. Perspectives utilizes a unique format with a different instructor each week. What to know more about Perspectives?  

Summit Crossing: Tell us about what brought you to the Perspectives class?

Emily: I did not want to take perspectives. Given some things that I had gone through - several closed doors and unraveled plans for both long-term and short-term missions, caused me to be pretty resistant at first. I even had an allergic reaction to a vaccine once and had to cancel my already fully funded trip. In addition, I had raised funds multiples times only to have the doors clearly, abruptly shut. As a result, I believed that I was rejected from this part of God’s global purpose. I was in a bitter place feeling that I had too much baggage to be used by the Lord. I was afraid that this class was going to confirm that I was rejected. I ended up getting an email from a friend who had been to the first night of perspectives, and she said, “The first session is tonight.  Your name keeps coming to my mind. We'd love to have you join us and then see what God might have.”

Unenthusiastic at first, Emily attended Perspectives convinced in her mind that this experience would merely validate what she already thought – God was not interested in using her in global missions. But, Perspectives began to open her heart to the vastness of God’s great commission.  God used the class to grow and stretch her view of who He is and what He can do.  She initially felt completely and utterly rejected from the Great Commission, but God would use perspectives to show her that it was His love that changed her path, not rejection. 

Summit Crossing: How do you view your “failed” mission trips since Perspectives? 

Emily: I wept on the way home one night after a missionary shared his experiences. It was like my eyes had been opened. I could see now that my “failed” attempts were not God’s rejection but it was His much greater love. I found so much personal healing through his story and the way God placed me into this class.  I have no other explanation except to say that God used perspectives to do a miracle in my heart and mind.  I felt His love and protection towards me.  He showed me that it was not rejection, but instead His love that closed the doors.   I have a much broader view now of God’s global purposes.  He does not reject me for my baggage; instead, He wants to heal me and use me to pray for and encourage others.  I may not be able to get on an airplane, but I can pray, and I can send.

Much like her Perspectives classmates Cory  and Luke, Emily’s life has changed significantly since completion of the class. Her prayer life is a large part of how she views her mission work now. She prays differently than before – purposefully selecting countries and people groups by name and location – to identify, research, and pray for daily. In addition, Emily views her work as a teacher with a much broader lens of impact saying,  “These kids, due to their differing backgrounds and communities, have a sphere of impact I could never have. But THEY are my sphere of impact. Each day with them is a day to impact them for the Gospel.” 

Summit Crossing: What do you want people to know about Perspectives from this?

Emily: Don’t let fear stop you from taking this class. Even if you think you know what your role is supposed to be in missions, don’t assume you know the full extent, because it could be different from what you think.  

We have two upcoming class options:
South Huntsville: Tuesdays from 6:00p-9:00p, January 23-May 8
Summit Crossing: Wednesdays from 11:00a-1:30p, Jan 24-May 9

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