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Communication Channels

At Summit Crossing we have much to communicate. We understand that there are many ways to get our message across. There is no "one-stop shop." You may enjoy browsing Facebook while others prefer a printed Worship Guide. Below is a list of the main channels of communication we use at Summit Crossing - Madison. We hope you are already engaged in one of these and if not, encourage you to find the best channel of communication for you.

Social Media (Instagram, Facebook & Twitter)

These announcements include graphics and links to forms and our website. To manage these three accounts efficiently, we typically use Instagram to post to Facebook and Twitter. We encourage you to interact with and share these posts. If your comment contains a question, our goal is to provide you a response within a few hours.


In a lot of ways, summitcrossing.org is the front door to our church. Our website generates a lot of traffic, mostly from people seeking more information on our vision and mission. We offer an "Events" tab that links you to officially promoted Summit Crossing events. The website is always a safe bet when seeking accurate information. If you want to get in touch with someone at the church office, there is a contact button on our home page.

Sunday Morning

There are several forms of communication available on Sunday morning. Our Worship Guide contains upcoming events and announcements. Event slides display onstage before and after each service. Our pastors also take time during their message to share upcoming events. We often provide printed material and informational banners in the welcome areas and hallways.

Summit Crossing App

Our app is a great way to access our sermon audio and video. Coming early 2017 our app will be revamped to include forms, events and service opportunities.  We are looking forward to this relaunch!


mySC3 is a robust online communication tool. It is home to our forms, public calendar of events, giving module and groups. The volunteer scheduling module is coming soon! Here are a few groups worth mentioning:

  • Summit Crossing Announce: this group will share announcements that are beneficial to Madison and Limestone locations.
  • Madison Announce: this group will have posts for our Madison Location only. It will be from Summit Crossing leadership. You can comment and ask questions on these posts. Our goal is to respond within a few hours.
  • Madison Hub: this is our "digital bulletin board" if you will. A place for everyone to communicate within our church. You will need to join this group to interact within the Madison Hub.

Also - it's worth mentioning that the acronym "SC3" is short of "Summit Crossing Community Church".

Questions? Send us message or email info@summitcrossing.org

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