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This blog is part one of a three-part series highlighting Perspectives, a 15-week class designed to help students better understand the character of God and how we fit into his great story of redeeming a people from every tongue, tribe, language, and nation. Perspectives utilizes a unique format with a different instructor each week. Want to know more about Perspectives? Click here 

Summit Crossing: Tell us about what brought you to the Perspectives class?

Cory: Well, I’ve been at Summit for about six years or so. I have been very involved with the Searcy Community, I am a weekly story teller with Summit Kids, and I’ve been to India four different times with Summit Crossing. Over the past two years, I’ve noticed things began to shift. My friends were entering a different season of life, and some of the efforts I was involved with for so long, had in-a-way ‘run their course’ I felt. I started asking myself, “How can I be more intentional in Huntsville?” Shortly after that, I decided to commit to Perspectives.

Cory enrolled to attend Summit’s Perspectives class in Spring of 2017. From there, his eyes were opened to the unique communities represented here in our city. With a newfound awareness and growing zeal to reach those who are unreached in our own town, he began exploring our city with a vested purpose. Cory started attending the International Student Dinner at UAH. Next, he attended Meet-Your-Muslim-Neighbor night at the local mosque. Cory was figuring it out – how to be intentional in Huntsville. During these new experiences, he would circle back to Perspectives each week.

About 3 weeks into the class, Brad Buser came to talk and told of his work in missions – Brad and his team go into extremely remote villages and learn (sometimes even develop) the language, build relationships, and eventually translate the bible. Cory, a well-seasoned short term missionary, was deeply impacted by Brad’s story. “When Brad said it took seven months to get from the creation of Adam to the birth of Jesus, I literally about jumped out of my chair.”

Summit Crossing: So…what happened next?

Cory: Well…Perspectives is literally everything everybody says it is. And after Brad was done speaking, he plopped down next to me in a chair and said, “What about you, man, would you ever consider doing something like this?” I thought to myself – “Are you kidding? That is three months from now. Everything is going great for me at work. I just bought a house this past September and had a blast fixing it up. My community is here. This place is where I came to really know the Lord. Give all this up in three months?” I felt the Spirit tell me that if I was going to say no, it better be a good reason. So, I left that night and decided I was going to find my reason.

To make a long story rather short - Cory didn’t find his reason. This year, Cory will head to an extensive training process in Tijuana, Mexico to prepare him for what is to come. The training is a simulation of sorts to acclimate the missionaries for the environment they will be in – little to no internet access, no visits from family for holidays, and very limited media consumption.

When training is completed, it is likely Cory will be placed in a community where outsiders have never been welcomed before. He could be place in a city where Christians are actively persecuted. When discussing this reality, Cory continued to say, “It is humbling. When I’ve talked with the people who are training alongside me, I am amazed. I’m just me. I am not bringing my wife into this, or bringing my kids alongside me. But there are families doing this, married couples. They say things like…Jesus is worth me losing a child. Jesus is worth me losing my spouse. It’s worth it. Me being obedient to the Lord, is the best thing for them and it is worth it”

Summit Crossing: What do you want people to know about Perspectives from this?

Cory: Honestly? I have learned through all of this that the Lord is so passionate about his glory that he will literally take your dream life and tear it up. I say to myself often, “The heart of a man plans his ways, but the Lord directs his steps.” (Proverbs 16:9)

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The next Perspectives Class is Aug 21 – Dec 04 on Monday nights at The Brook in Madison from 6:00p-9:00p. 

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