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Advent Giving: Neverthirst

For the past five years, Summit Crossing has chosen to rethink how we approach the busy Christmas season. Between holiday trips and the often exhausting spree of excess spending, we decided to make some changes. By partnering with organizations to intentionally find ways to spend our time and money where it really mattered, we found such gratitude. Our aim is that the Advent season is one of fulfillment and purpose in Christ. 

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Since 2013, Summit Crossing has joined with Neverthirst as one of our Advent partners. From the start of our partnership, we have been thrilled to give more and more to their ministry each year. The gift of clean water with the message of Jesus is a pretty remarkable mission and we love that we’ve been able to give a generous donation each year. Join us this year as we continue on this path with our global Advent partner: Neverthirst. 

Originally founded in 2008, Neverthirst exists to advance the gospel through clean water worldwide by partnering with local pastors and churches. They have local ministry partners on the ground in India, Cambodia, Nepal, Myanmar, Uganda, and Chad. They desire to see the name of Jesus proclaimed throughout all nations and the world water crisis ended. While working in these villages and regions, Neverthirst has the unique opportunity to answer physical and spiritual needs. Neverthirst meets the dire need of clean water and brings a saving message of hope. 

As part of the process, local pastors work to identify specific communities and regions that are lacking a clean water source. Once identified as a desired location for a well, an evaluation is completed by partners to be sure the location meets geographical requirements. If the location meets the requirements, Neverthirst begins their work.  

Since their start, Neverthirst has served over 459,000 people and completed over 8,000 well projects. Last year our Summit Crossing family gave over DOUBLE what we identified as our goal. The church raised a little over $100,000 which funded 30 wells. God showed up in a big way and we look forward to gathering our donation again this year. 

Join us as we invest in this powerful ministry this Christmas season! 

- - - 

Ready to dig in for clean water? Save the date for our Advent Market on December 2nd from 8:00a-2:00p. A percentage of sales will be combined with all vendor fees as a gift to Neverthirst. For more info on this check out our Advent Giving Guide.

Want to volunteer at Advent Market? Sign up here

If you want to get involved directly with Neverthirst visit them on the web to sign up as a volunteer. 

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