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A Course That Will Change Your Life

There’s a course returning to North Alabama this spring that will change your life! Does that sound a bit dramatic? It may, but I firmly believe those words to be true. Let me explain.

In early 2008 I was quickly approaching graduation from Bible College. I was obviously excited, but there was a small problem encountered along the way. Somehow, I never took the standard missions course, which was required for all degree plans and my graduation was now in jeopardy. It just so happened that our local church was hosting a course that very spring for the first time, and it could be taken for college credit. That course was Perspectives on the World Christian Movement and I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

Perspectives is a 15-week course designed to help students better understand the character of God and how we fit into his great story of redeeming a people from every tongue, tribe, and nation. Unlike traditional classroom experiences, Perspectives utilizes a unique format which centers around a different instructor each week. These men and women are not just academic elites (though they are very smart), but they are faithful followers of Christ and practitioners in the great cause of making Christ known among all nations.

The Perspectives textbook has become one of the most widely used books in higher education. It leverages the breadth and depth of knowledge and experience in the Church, containing many excerpts and selections from notable Christian thinkers like John Piper, John Stott, Tim Keller, and William Carey, among many others.

Make no mistake, Perspectives is not for the faint of heart. It will challenge you in more ways than you can imagine. It forces you to come face to face with the true implications of the mission of God—and what that means for your life.

Can a 15-week course really change your life? I really believe it can because it changed mine. And my story is not unique. There are thousands of Perspectives alumni who can testify to the powerful way the Lord worked in and through them in this course. I completed Perspectives in the spring of 2008 by what appeared to be sheer chance and good fortune. Little did I know then how much of an impact the concepts and truths of that experience would have on me in the days to come.

Having said that, I’m very excited to announce that Perspectives on the World Christian Movement is being offered in two locations this spring!

Perspectives is the fruit of much pray and labor among several local churches that have partnered together to see the Kingdom of God extend to the farthest reaches of the earth. We are thrilled to be a part of the Perspectives movement and encourage you to prayerfully consider investing this next season with Perspectives for the glory of God among the nations. You can find more information regarding dates, costs, and instructor info on the class websites (perspectivesna.org).

If you have questions about Perspectives, please contact me (nathan@summitcrossing.org) and I would be happy to help in any way I can. May the Lord use this course to powerfully work in and through us, for his glory and our joy, among all peoples.

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